Who we are

We are international range agency experienced in hiring both qualified and unqualified workers with varying range of skills.

At first there were unfulfilled by other agencies expectations that we experienced while being „on the other side”. But then we decided to handle it as a challenge. That is how the idea of our own employment agency was born. Agency which approaches individually to every business partner.The challenge has become a daily routine we are passionate to fulfill everyday.


Which industries do we hire to?


    Food industry


    Nursing and care for the elderly


    Automotive industry


    Construction industry

Specjalizujemy się przede wszystkim w sektorze: spożywczym, usługowym, automotive oraz budowlanym, jednak z uwagi na to, że posiadamy elastyczną ofertę, jesteśmy w stanie skierować ją do Klienta każdej branży. 


Why us?

FOLGA was established in response to expanding expectations of HR services market. The factor that distinguishes us from other agencies is our foundations. We have been „on the other side”, using services we provide nowadays.   

We perfectly understand the needs of employers, remembering at the same time about employees expectations.

  guarantee of legal and durable employment
  reduction of employees rotation
  HR-payroll feature included in our service
  Well organisation of every formalities: visas, testimonies, annual permissions, accomodation and communication for employees we mindning timeliness of permissions, medical examinations and trainings
  taking the full responsibility and accountability to authorities, and inspections
  simple settlement as a monthly invoice
  special coordinator is dedicated to every project





Our mission

OUR PEOPLE YOUR SUCCESS – this motto accompanies us from the very beginning and shows us the way.

We are convinced that sustained careness of job applicant selection and their safety in a workplace, gives us the strenght to be a part of your company`s development. The goal is not only to help our customers make profits, but also to inspire them by the partnership. 

FOLGA stands for next level quality in the employee outsourcing. 


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